How to speak geek!

Software development for everyone...

You don’t have to be a geek to build a great website, software product or mobile app – you just need to be able to communicate what you want to someone who can. "How to speak geek" is a fast-track learning series to get you in control of your software outsourcing project... coming soon!
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The basics of software...

Before you can start to communicate your idea, you really need to understand some technology fundamentals. It gives you a fast-track grounding in concepts such as databases, software licensing and multi-langauge development.

On finishing this section you wil have a solid understanding of the development process and things you need to ensure are in place before you start.

Communicating your big idea...

This section introduces a simple but highly effective method of communicating your idea to developers, and will assist you in validating your idea while spending almost zero money!

This section teaches you what you need to know to get to market fast with a product that customers will actually pay you for.

Managing the project...

It is absolutly vital that once you have communicated your idea, you are able to control the project and get working product to market.

The final section is a crash course in practical project management, giving you the tools and knowledge to ensure your development team delivers what you ask for, advice on how to spot problems and keep on track.

Your software or web project has a very high chance of failure if you dont have a good grasp of how to communicate what you want and manage the project. No matter if you decide to outsource your software development overseas, take on a few contract developers to work in-house, or do something in between, it is vitally important that you can keep control by learning to speak the language of software developers.

Software development can be carried out in your own country or offshore. You could use a local development company or hire contractors using Eance or ODesk. Regardless of how you get the developers, you can greatly improve your chances of success if you can successfully communicate your big idea and sucessfully control the process.

The objective of this series is to teach you in easy steps, the basics of the software development process and how to communicate your next big idea to the code builders, manage the process and come successfully out the other side. Simply, it will teach you “how to speak geek” and hopefully give you the skills to enable you to successfully manage your own software development process. The series is broken into three main areas – understanding the basics, communication of the idea, and finally the management of the development project itself.